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Patient Outcomes

As part of our quality framework, we regularly measure and benchmark ourselves against a range of 'Clinical Indicators'.

In accordance with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard 2: Partnering with Consumersthe contents of this page have been reviewed by Healthe Care Australia Consumer Advisory Committees at Gosford Private, Belmont Private and Brunswick Private Hospitals.

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Mental Health – Health of The Nation Outcome Score

Maitland Private Hospital Mental Health Improvements

At Toronto Private we measure the mental health and wellbeing of our patients on admission and again on discharge to assess how their mental health and wellbeing is improving.  

We use the internationally recognised Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS), a tool which allows clinicians and patients to assess various aspects of a patient's mental health status, such as depression, anxiety or problematic behaviour.

The graph below shows the decrease in reported mental health problems in patients after treatment. The light coloured bars show reported mental health problems on admission to our mental health facilities. The dark coloured bars show mental health problems on discharge. This is compared to the outcomes at other Australian private mental health facilities.