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Dr Sergio Diez Alvarez


  • General Medicine

Dr Sergio Diez Alvarez is a specialist physician with a genuine passion for general medicine. He trained as a specialist in South Africa and was in private practice as a general physician for a decade before immigrating to Australia. He has practiced acute and general medicine across a broad range of rural and regional settings. He has Fellowships in Internal Medicine from 5 international colleges and has Fellowships in Medical Administration and Health Services management, underpinning his commitment to provide holistic care.

Dr Diez Alvarez is well known for his interest in chronic conditions, especially type 2 Diabetes, and the management of multi-morbid patients. He is a senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle and former Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at University of New England. He has an interest in inter-disciplinary medical education and has been a life long learner and educator.

Dr Diez Alvarez would like to announce his entry into private practice as a General Physician consulting and admitting at Toronto Private Hospital.

Dr Diez Alvarez has a passion for the provision of compassionate care of complex general medical patients.

He prides himself on the provision of timely and co-ordinated patient care integrating input from the whole care team to optimise patient outcomes from admission to discharge. He works closely with subspecialty colleagues to ensure the patients get the best possible care.

Unwell patients can be admitted either directly to Toronto Private Hospital under his care.

Additionally, Dr Diez Alvarez will be consulting on out-patients at Toronto Private Hospital from September and is happy to review patients across a broad spectrum of clinical specialities with a one-stop generalist lens.

Lingard Private Hospital, 23 Merewether Street, Merewether NSW 2291
Phone: 02 4911 2336
Fax: 02 4911 2337
Email: [email protected]