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Dr Kim Oakley


  • Rehabilitation

Dr Kim Oakley is a Rehabilitation Medicine Physician.

She completed her Bachelor of Medicine at University of Newcastle and then her specialist training in rehabilitation in October 2016.  Dr Oakley completed three years of training at John Hunter Hospital as Rehabilitation registrar following a year of training at Maitland Private Hospital.  Dr Oakley’s special areas of interest include: 

  1. Neurorehabilitation: after Neurosurgery, Stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinsons’ disease including Guillain–Barré syndrome 
  2. Orthopaedic rehabilitation: after joint replacement, or back surgery, and after multitrauma
  3. Recovery post medical or surgical illnesses/conditions
  4. Geriatric rehabilitation including rehabilitation for older persons following falls, fractures or a combination of chronic health issues 
  5. Spinal cord injury and amputee rehabilitation
  6. Cardiac Rehabilitation, particularly for Chronic Heart Failure
  7. Rehabilitation in association with Cancer diagnosis
  8. Pain Management Programs as inpatient or outpatient
  9. Rehabilitation for persons with Rheumatological conditions 

Dr Oakley prides herself on her dedication to each patient’s goals and strives to achieve the desired/agreed outcomes in an appropriate time frame. She is always mindful of the patient’s wishes and quality of life. 

 Dr Oakley works across both Toronto Private Hospital and Maitland Private Hospital. 

Toronto Private Hospital, Cnr Cary Street and Excelsior Parade, Toronto NSW 2283
Phone: 02 4956 0102
Fax: 02 4950 5028

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